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All of these brushes are ideal for travel.  They'll all dry very quickly, and either have a built-in protective case or otherwise are so small as to fit into a normal medication container.

Smaller brushes are simpler to use and consume less cream/soap, but provide what most would argue to be a less luxurious experience.   Such are the joys of travel when practicality rears its ugly head.

VP Leonhardy Brush-Cleaning Soap

Leonhardy brush soap Leonhardy brush soap Leonhardy brush soap

I've perpetually believed (>20yrs in my case) that not much beyond thorough rinsing and seldom Dawn-ing/shampooing of brushes ensured good lifespan and performance alike,...well, live and learn.

Or at least, I  have lived and learned on the "ideal performance" part of the statement.  Ain't buyin' on the lifespan part, being forty-one spins around the sun now and with some brushes in-house for decades with not much beyond water & shaving soap applied, still with 'most' of their hair.   Suffice it to say that customer concern for brush lifespan's a personal non-starter; we are not, after all, land tortoises.   Soon enough we'll all buy a brush that stays around after we're buried/cooked/discarded, & I firmly believe that simply by rinsing and babying it (no-no to mashing down, soaking too deep or too hot, etc. etc.) that anyone can get far too many uses out of any brush to be quibbling about its cost per lathering session.  That's true even with outrageously-priced units, some even peddled on the page from which you now read!  Can't possibly imagine <2000 quality sessions out of any brush if everything's done "exactly as it is supposed to", making even ostentatious ~$340 units cost <$0.20/session.

Of course, doing "exactly as it is supposed to" also means babying the brush during its motion on the face.  At some point, one must practically view these as just tools for our enjoyment, after all, and if far more enjoyment's obtained pumping and twisting the knot (reducing ~2k uses to 1000, for example), than perhaps that is money well spent, no?  What's the point of overspending at the register to obtain an exclusive consumption option, and not consuming when the exclusive opportunity you've just bought in to presents itself?   Never did get that.  A great friend of mine, originally from Hungary, keeps a "remote control condom" atop his <$20 stereo remote, and endlessly tolerates a human lifespan worth of using that thing to adjust the volume or input device every damn day of his life with the incredibly-annoying thick plastic making the acutation of commands far more difficult than if done sans condom.   In the rare instances I make it to his Brooklyn or Ft. Lauderdale steads, the first thing I do once we've all become sufficiently inebriated is destroy that &#^*@)* stupid remote control condom in great dramatic flair, to tremendous laughter for all...and yet, in a year or two when I next visit, the little bastard will be back-and almost assuredly on the exact same remote control!   Whatever makes you happy.

I've used "Ship Shape" on brushes.  It does extract stuff no amount of time under a tap or Dawn or Paul Mitchell shampoo seemed to unearth for me.  I can recall singular attempts with Dove and Lever 2000, too.   But the hairs never seemed different afterwards; it was mostly something I'd do to sell brushes secondhand in good conscience (not here, of course; used items will be bombarded with "USED" in the images and on the add-to-cart button).

No prior brush cleaning attempts left hair looking better for the experience, that's for sure.  You can use "cleansing" shampoos (my fave Paul Mitchell makes one specifically for coming out of a chlorine pool, works great!), but what is their ph level, and did you ever compare the subjective nature of the hair after such a shampoo versus a mild brush-specific cleaning soap, without knowing when you were observing the knots which was which?  Do you believe in the scientific method?

This soap, a ph-neutral one at that (silly me, thought all soaps were bases?), gets crap out of your brushes and leaves them smelling, looking, and working better than before ("Ship Shape" also does not less than two of those four criteria, btw).   For the tip-top $$$ Leonhardys and any other brushes that we'll bother to "de-funk" before selling here from now on, this will be what they're given.  It has a faint citrus odor.  Cake's a smidge smaller than 3" across.

Wife applied to the 47 or so makeup brushes she has and wouldn't stop going on about it,...but whom am I to quibble, owning __ shaving brushes (to disclose would be too is more than anyone should need and definitely not the last of the buying, let's leave it at that).

This is surely not a need, but will mildly enhance your brush experience if you are, as I, a confirmed brush-hoarding enthusiast.  To bludgeon the annoying "I don't need that" cyberspace contrarians, let me ask them; do you own a cellphone, and do you need one?  I didn't need the damn thing for the first twenty-seven years of my life, apparently, but it certainly has made fetching people at the airport a hell of a lot simpler since introducing that wholly "unneeded" device to my wallet.

US BUYERS: Leonhardy Brush Soap
(US <$25 Orders Price)
$17 In-Stock

Leonhardy Brush Soap
(US >$25 Orders Price)
$14.50 In-Stock

Non-US BUYERS: Leonhardy Brush Soap
(Non-US <$60 Orders Price)
$28 In-Stock

Leonhardy Brush Soap
(Non-US >$60 Orders Price)
$17.50 In-Stock

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The Simpsons Travel Brush Tube (Small)

Simpsons Travel Brush Case
(<$20 US Orders Price)
$8 In-Stock
Simpsons Travel Brush Case
(>$20 US & >$60 Non-US Orders Price)
$5 In-Stock
Simpsons Travel Brush Case
(<$60 Non-US Orders Price)
$14 In-Stock

Dovo 918096 Silvertip Travel Brush (All Stainless Steel)

Dovo 918096 travel brush Dovo 918096 travel brush
Dovo 918096 travel brush

The Dovo 918096 is a silvertip brush much in the style of the 'turnback' models below down the page, but with a push-fit assemblage instead of screw threads for the brush head and base.  It shares identical satin-finished steel w/ the fine Dovo 499806 razor/brush stand; there's no doubt it is a looker, though you pay a weight and price penalty for that sturdier, highly-refined metal...every sample we've seen is a perfect, fairly bulby knot of silvertip badger hair.  The bottom line as I see it; if the knot's quality's your #1 criteria in a traveller, only the Simpsons "The Major" in Super Badger is close, and I'd still give it to this one.

  The head doesn't screw in or affix to the handle when you're travelling, so if the equivalent silence of the Simpsons "Major" is required, a single spongy packing peanut in there seems to do the trick.

  • Weight:  135 grams
  • Handle Diameter:  29mm
  • Knot Diameter:  ~19.5mm
  • Overall Height:  145mm in use (81mm compacted)
  • Bristle Loft:  50mm
Dovo 918096 Silvertip Travel Brush
$97 In-Stock Free Shipping Worldwide

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IL Ceppo 5230

Il Ceppo 5230 Travel Brush

The IL Ceppo 5230 doesn't have the super cool handle system as the more costly and heavy model below, but I'd say the knot's a much meatier, scrubbier affair at ~22x45mm or so.  Comes with its own dedicated tube with an airhole on the top that could be much bigger.  Basic cast stubby handle in jet black.

Knot produced in Germany, handle and tube made in Italy.

Il Ceppo 5230 Brush
(US & >$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$38 In-Stock
Il Ceppo 5230 Brush
(<$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$46 In-Stock

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IL Ceppo PB5177

Il Ceppo Travel Brush Il Ceppo Travel Brush
Il Ceppo Travel Brush

The IL Ceppo PB5177 has a distinct advantage over every other model on the page; it is the only one that's made of brass, and brass threads are the best of all - even superior to stainless steel.  You'll wear out before those threads will bind, though were it I owning I wouldn't be against giving them a one-time light application of lithium grease.   Brass does bear a little weight penalty, though.

The ~19x47mm handmade knot's quality more comfy than most boars, and definitely softer than both Mühle models below, but not at the comfort level of the Dovo 918096, Simpsons "Major", or Vulfix 2273 or Turnback Super also found on this page.   Everything's relative; I used it a few times and, with a Valobra shaving stick rubbed right on my face, I could certainly be happy with it...but if they wanted to sell me their costliest knot in there, I'd be agreeable to that, too.  It all comes down to your preferences for price and return; but I doubt it can be debated that, weight aside, this body's cooler than anything else we've got to offer you.

They do produce 6 types of knots for this model, and will likely sell us tips+top part for all grades, so we'll have at least silvertip badger, pure badger, synthetic fiber, and boar bristles in approximately early autumn.

Ruthenium plating on this unit's the best plating I've ever seen; cold, shiny, super cool looking!

All parts made in Florence, Italy.

Il Ceppo PB5177 Brush
(US & >$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$53 In-Stock
Il Ceppo PB5177 Brush
(<$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$61 In-Stock

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IL Ceppo 1203 Travel Set

Il Ceppo Travel Brush
Il Ceppo Travel Brush
Il Ceppo Travel Brush

The IL Ceppo 1203 Set has the brush you see directly above, but finished in nickel this time, and a dedicated case for it which also holds a stubby-handled Gillette-Mach-3-headed safety razor and fitted leather insert.   All parts but the cartridge head are produced in Florence, Italy.  This brush's brass boddy's got a distinct advantage over every other model travel-specific brush; its threads are the best of all, even superior to stainless steel.   7.75 ounces (220 grams).

Il Ceppo 1203 Travel Set

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Omega 50014

Omega 50014 Brush

The Omega 50014 Travel Brush is a small 'turnback' model which encapsulates the bristles in the handle when you're travelling.  It has a stiff and scrubby boar knot made to look cosmetically like a badger brush.  Works very well with the shave sticks.

Omega 50014 Brush
(US & >$60 Non-US Orders Price)
$13.75 In-Stock
Omega 50014 Brush
(<$60 Non-US Orders ONLY)
$19 In-Stock

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The Simpsons "Case"

Simpsons 'Case' Brush (with its case) Simpsons 'Case' Brush (with its case)

The Simpsons The Case is a cool travel brush that's also a popular choice as a daily brush.  It fits inside its own special case.  The brush itself is quite small, with a short and rather dense knot that will still dry very quickly and be protected in transit.  We stock it in Best badger.

  • Weight:  43 grams (71g w/case)
  • Handle Diameter:  32mm
  • Overall Height:  84mm
  • Knot Diameter:  18mm
  • Bristle Loft:  40mm

Simpsons 'Case' Brush w/ Case
(US & >$200 Non-US Orders ONLY)
$58 In-Stock

Simpsons 'Case' Brush w/ Case
(<$200 Non-US Orders ONLY Price)
$65 In-Stock

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The Simpsons "Major"

The Simpsons 'The Major' is a beautifully conceived travel brush.  Fits inside its own handle.  Much like others on the market, even those made by the same folks, but more elegant.  A smaller, shorter, and slightly thinner knot to allow very quick drying for storage/travel.  Available in either Best or Super badger.

  • Weight:  ~79 grams
  • Handle Diameter:  ~40mm
  • Overall Height:  ~120mm
  • Knot Diameter:  ~18mm
  • Bristle Loft:  ~41mm

Simpsons "Major" Brush Best Badger


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The Simpsons "Wee Scot"

Simpsons Wee Scot

At the end of the Simpsons alphabet lies the Simpsons Wee Scot, a best badger brush with a lathe-turned resin handle.  This teensy little brush, really not much bigger than an average human's pinkie finger, is a great travel brush, collectors brush, or a brush for those who prefer its easy ability to modulate the amount of water/soap within.  Pity the handle's so tiny that it feels like you're writing on your face with a lather pencil, but the knot is, despite this great tragic flaw, special for what it is.

Embossed with Alexander Simpson's signature.

  • Weight:  ~18 grams
  • Handle Diameter:  ~24mm
  • Overall Height:  ~66mm
  • Knot Diameter:  ~14mm
  • Bristle Loft:  ~36mm
Simpsons Wee Scot
(US & >$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$41 In-Stock

Simpsons Wee Scot
(<$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$48 In-Stock

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Vulfix 2273

Vulfix 2273 Super Badger Brush with Fitted Case

Stubbier and with more backbone than almost any Vulfix brush, the 2273 has Vulfix's Super Badger grade of hair and a fitted case with a vented screw top.  It also has a flat area at the top of its knot.   Great little brush!

  • Weight:  41g (75g together with case)
  • Handle Diameter:  32mm
  • Knot Diameter:  20mm
  • Overall Height:  84mm (excluding case) Bristle Loft:  46mm

Vulfix 2273 Super Badger Brush w/ Fitted Case
(US & >$200 Non-US Orders Price)
$60 In-Stock

Vulfix 2273 Super Badger Brush w/ Fitted Case
(<$200 Non-US Orders Only)
$68 In-Stock

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