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100% handmade production, including setting!

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Silberspitz Premium Silvertip Shaving Brush

The Rein Dachs shaving brush is “Handmade in Germany” by a Bavarian company for over 100 years.   The Superior Shave is the sole US importer.  They’re offered in several hair types, with various handles available for each type of knot.  In all cases, weighing, gathering, forming, and gluing the knots is a handmade affair by skilled craftsmen who apprentice for three years in a dedicated school of brush making.

The handle here is a barrel-shaped acrylic piece which is made in Germany and is best suited, in this one opinion, to those with larger hands.

Classic German Bulb Canopies

The Rein Dachs Silberspitz designation refers to the softest and longest silvertip badger hairs.  They form the knot canopies for softness.  However, they are not ‘floppy’ like a competing English long-lofted silvertip favors.  This is due their classic bulb shaped knot roof.   There are no softer-tipped hairs in the marketplace, at any price – you can only spend more to get longer hair strands (and thus wider knots, on bigger more costly brushes).   This rein dachs brush has its ~23×56.5mm knot extending ~11mm in to the handle, making the strands ~7.8cm

A Lengthy Time in the Marketplace

The quality of softness in Rein Dachs Silberspitz brushes truly equals any brush at any price; ask around, as they’ve been sold a long time.   We’ve sold them since 2011, roughly ~200pcs/yr between all the styles.   Beyond our shop, these particular Germans have made these knots over 70yrs.

“Expertly Formed” is Aptly Named

These knots have exemplary workmanship quality.  One may want a denser knot or a deeper setting, firmer or simply longer hairs, or a more diameter-favored ratio.  Those are merely positions on a brush’s gravity model of compromise, not any indices of quality.   This is the very model of “expertly formed” as they decree.

Hand Set (Not Machine-Set) in to the Handle!

Skilled labor’s responsible for ALL parts of production, including setting to handle! Knots are weighed, filled, formed, glued, and set with only hands and tools unchanged over a century.

Truly Flexible to the Core (Thanks to Hand-Setting)

There’s no annoying ‘glue plug’ here – you get every single millimeter of the hair you see in a flexibly soft and scrubby perfectly functioning dome.  The heads are flawlessly figured, and in fact are the very best 100%-handmade knot heads we’ve seen.  Tis a pity, but if these folks could get their hands on the ~Manchurian/VP Leonhardy >7cm 2-band hair stocks (VP & Simpsons told us >7cm hair stocks of silvertip quality tips with thick bases and large dark bands are the scarcest badger fur of all), and cared to lathe a handle themselves (like Simpsons), we’d have a (small) license to print (small amounts of) money.

On the Hand-Set Models the Specs & Measures Always Vary 1mm

This knot’s officially designated 22mm wide.   When measured installed, however, it measures ~23×56.5mm.  We’ve no doubt there’s some German way in which 22mm’s anal-to-the-core correct (perhaps the diameter when formed/tied and before glued/set?).  Boots on the ground here at TSS, it is one emm emm wider.  Subsuqently, this is true across all their models where no ringlet is present (indicative of hand-setting).

True Germans Gonna German

Ahh, the Germans – if you can’t love how anal they are, you need to travel more.   For instance, all the stocks’ knots’ specs are tightly clustered to 23×56.5mm.  Thus there is no need to show them in ‘police lineups’ (these handles never vary, unlike wood).

Many Handle Options Available

The Rein Dachs Silberspitz knots come with various handles for your pleasure.   You can, on the other hand, also have this same hair stock with a  multiwood or olivewood handle (to name but two options).

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