TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush Silberspitz 25x60mm Silvertip Knot | Handle | 100% Hand Made in Germany OUT OF STOCK NO DELIVERY DATE


As fine a knot as can be found in 25mm size if silvertip feel’s valued.

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To compete with the übersilberspitzen offerings from VP Leonhardy, Shavemac, Heinrich L Thäter, etc., our little no-name-and-older-than-the-Titanic German brushmakers have finally releneted upon their insistence for small brush diameter and produced this stunning example of a larger class piece, with what they officially term a 24mm knot (I’ve no doubt they’re right in some strange German way) but which is, when rubber meets road, coming in at 25x60mm with a steller domed head.  They even said they made the little anti-knot thingy just for us, isn’t that sweet.    These are the same people who make the knots for all our ‘house brand’ brush models except the palisander and wenge wood units, and their quality of workmanship cannot be surpassed for me.  There’s no annoying glue plug, the head is flawlessly figured, and we’ve never had a complaint yet of shedding from them and have sold many many hundreds.

The handle here is a lathed resin type, made in Germany.  It is fine and solid, if a bit ordinary.

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