TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush Silberspitz 25x60mm Silvertip Plexi | 100% Hand Made in Germany


As fine a silvertip brush as there is in the market for the knot size.

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To compete with the übersilberspitzen offerings from Shavemac, Heinrich L Thäter, etc., our little no-name-and-older-than-the-Titanic German brushmakers relented upon small-diameter insistence to produce stunning larger class examples in the ultra-soft-longest-costliest-strands realm, which includes this model which (once installed into its handle) comes in when rubber meets road at a ~25mm diameter with a stellar domed head of ~60mm loft.

The hair stock’s nominal strand length is beyond 7cm, which is the best <1% of that which is now produced in China.

These knots are brilliantly executed, there’s no other way to put it; they ooze skill.  There is _no_ annoying glue plug, you get true flexibility all the way through the loft.  The knot canopies are flawlessly figured, and all labor of this knot is done by expert hand; gathering, weighing, filling, tying, applying glue to the knot, applying to the handle bore, and setting in the knot to the handle all 100% handmade in Germany by trained master brushmakers.

The handle here is a pre-fab plexiglass type, made in the EU…in various interations it can be seen on many brushmakers’ fleets.

100% of work, including setting knot in to handle, is done by hand in Germany.

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