Alles Seife Men Only Austrian Shaving Soap | 90g Puck | 3 Scents | Made in Austria


~90g disc or ~10g worth to try, smell as good as they sound, handmade Viennese brilliance

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A new Austrian soap debuting in 2018, Alles Seife’s “Men Only” line is a shaving-specific formulation (= not ideal for ideal bathing/shampoo), and we assure you that it is (in spite of having neither palm oil nor tallow!) an exceptionally creamy soap with tremendous volume and sense of hydration with the increased degree of difficulty in stability that these Euros are known for; it isn’t that this is unstable soap, you just use VERY little water vs Proraso or an American ‘croap’ for example…use a barely wet brush and introduce more water drop by drop and you will be impressed with this fine product.   In fact, I can say emphatically it is the creamiest soap I’ve put on my face in ~10yrs, and nothing remotely close comes to mind that doesn’t rely heavily on a-bit-smelly-to-me animal fat (I don’t think my nose is exceptional, but nonetheless can sense a tallow base’s metallic/sour tinge in any soap).

In a world spoiled for choice among wetshavers it is certainly a benchmark to compare all the legions of American ‘croaps’ in spite of having neither stearic acid base nor animal fat to which those others wholly depend for their great stability/volume.

These soaps are very fragrant without the use of fragrance oils; no palm, no synthetics, against animal testing, and produced with the centuries-old cold saponification process (to which all our TSS-unique-in-North-America offerings of European soaps seem to adhere) with the potential for stability, something that the cold-stirs (bless their hearts I love them so) are simply not known to possess.  When you get accomplished at shaving, you should care less about stability and trade everything for slippery…but if stability’s there in either case, it is of course welcomed.

We offer this soap to you in any of three options; a sample of at least ten grams, a 90g ~72x42mm ‘refill’ which can be malleated to a favorite reservoir, or the ‘bubbles for my troubles’ mug+soap.

This soap is quite dense, and will exhibit impressive cost savings per shave consumed versus most American croaps, but is not as economical to run as Sampson’s All Natural, for example.

“No. 1” uses peppermint, spike lavender, and juniper essential oils for a ‘herbal’ scent profile.

“No. 2” uses cedar and vanilla essential oils for a ‘warm, woody’ scent profile.

“No. 3” uses a base of rosemary and lemongrass oils for a ‘sparkly fresh’ scent profile.

100% Handmade in Vienna, Austria.

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"No. 1" SAMPLE (No <$10 Orders, Please!), "No. 2" SAMPLE (No <$10 Orders, Please!), "No. 3" SAMPLE (No <$10 Orders, Please!), "No. 1" 90g Refill in Paper, "No. 2" 90g Refill in Paper, "No. 3" 90g Refill in Paper