Gold Dollar 1996 6/8″ Straight Razor | Carbon Steel | Made in China | Further Honed “Shave Ready as Much as a Gold Dollar Will Do | ¡LIMIT ONE PER ADDRESS!


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Let us be quite clear about these razors; they definitely have their place and are not going anywhere, but to suggest that these Gold Dollars are capable of becoming the near-equal of European Union made straight razors, as Slash McCoy says over and over and over and over and over when suggesting you stay away from Dovo ‘Best Quality’ razors (old dude made that long ass rant *at least* fifty times on Badger & Blade alone before they banned him, incredible!), is frankly rather absurd.

The ceiling on these is much, much lower – but that doesn’t mean they can’t get you to like using an open razor, for a lot less money in the pool, and then you can go on to buy a quality item once you know you like the challenge of the pursuit.

They can provide a high quality of shaving comfort, if not always of supreme shaving closeness.

Slash and his “The Method” of deliberately convex bevel sharpening may be fine for most, but it is insufficient for me to shave me *as closely* as can any top quality Böker, Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Wacker, etc.   For that matter, his “The Method” will not shave me as close as will concaving a razor’s bevel, no matter the razor.  When it comes to the humble POS Gold Dollar, I think what’s really going on is old hat; he’s a cheapskate, and cheapskates always try to convince themselves and others there’s no difference in ___ vs ___, which in this case saying that his “The Method” can unearth from the Gold Dollar a near equal result as from a fancy TI.

Steel formulas matter, a lot – as does forging.

Can the Gold Dollar be further sharpened post-factory to shave one sufficiently?  Certainly.  But that’s a pretty low bar if you ask me; most will not, but surely *some* Pakistani razors could say the same great achievement.

The Gold Dollar’s steel’s carbide structure just is not fine enough for me to shave myself as close as I can get from pretty much any other razor ground to a similar concavity; while they don’t tug at all during the shave, the end result’s just not super duper close, and I’m a very tough grader in that regard (harsh beard, sensitive ‘tall’ skin).   But sharpening the Gold Dollar post factory is not remotely challenging if you have the right tools, and razors with much harder steel one cannot make the same claim.  So let’s give a toast to the Gold Dollar’s ease of sharpening!

You will receive one of these razors, which has been further honed post-factory by me here, and then stropped, and oiled with Ballistol.  Each piece will have unique handiwork variances, just as with Thiers-Issard, the difference being the variances on Gold Dollars *do* often affect function, on TIs they’re more like ‘certified instant antiques’ as they like to say.  To the degree that the Gold Dollar’s variances are there, I do not feel they will inhibit your ability to upkeep your Gold Dollar with a pasted strop.  Originally I shaved with the first three sold this way, but I can’t keep doing that, and I don’t want to – so I’m just going to overcome their bevels with a 6.5’Ø shaped hone, refine the tip with a 25’Ø hone, and then finish on a pasted hanging (= concave) strop, which means your razor will be ‘micro-convex’ at the tip of an otherwise-concave bevel.  Upkeep with a pasted strop is ideal.

I’m not photographing these things individually for you cheapskates; get this Gold Dollar here, buy a lowest price but still high quality strop, reserve the linen side for use with some very occasional Dovo black paste or similar, and I’d imagine you can definitely get your sea legs underneath you for the use of the open forged razor.  Then come back to us and buy a Dovo Sunday Shaver / Bismarck, a Thiers-Issard Evide Sonnant Extra, maybe a Wacker if we get lucky to score some, etc.,  and ask for it to be further honed post-factory; if you’re burdened with a rather durable beard and skin softer than sandpaper, I predict you’ll be shocked at the difference in closeness vs the Gold Dollar, even when using the exact same abrasives and processes to hone it.