BW Boyd 296 Carbon Fiber Comb | Made in Japan


BW Boyd 296 Carbon Fiber Comb | Made in Japan

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Every now and again, something in retail comes down the pike and you realize your entire life before its presence was a waste.  Perhaps these combs will render futile all your prior efforts at self-actualization, or maybe they’ll just align your hair well, but in either outcome we hope you’re happy.

Why weren’t combs always made this way, because of their aesthetic?  Cost of extruding carbon fiber?

A comb should first and foremost be smooth-bereft of seams, points, and the like-and it also helps to be rigid and get through hair with little fanfare.

Doesn’t make static at all.  Good but not spectacular glide.  Homogeneous teeth that are neither too soft or too hard.   These are apt descriptions of the BW Boyd 296 and friends.

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