Vintage Norton LB6 Lily White Sharpening Stone Hone + Resurfacing Plate | ~49.4x154x25.7mm | Made in USA


This is a Uniquely Rare Object

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This is an extremely hard to hunt down whetstone today, even though they were once in extremely high production and in many a North American late 19th / early 20th c. household.    It cost $203 delivered in its good condition box with a label lost since soaking in Simple Green for weeks, as it arrived greasy and dark.  It also cost 6 months of regular searching to find this opportunity.

The stone has been shaped on both of its original 2×6″ surfaces, going from 449.5 grams to 426.3 (-5.1% of its body lost) in dedicating each surface to a shape.  The highly shaped side was formed with sandpaper and a dedicated surfacing plate, which will be included with this purchase and is recommended to use to clean/retrue the shaped side.   The labor time to produce this shape on this stone was between four and six hours over a couple of weeks, and it consumed 8 sheets of sandpaper & ~1/2tsp loose abrasive grit.

Use this shaped side to establish a properly shaped primary bevel form upon any hollow ground straight razor, and refine this with at least two finer whetstones –  better if the middle step stone is shaped like a long axis ellipse but flat is OK, too (just don’t stay too long on it or you’ll remove your thin shape you worked so hard to establish!), the harder/finer/flatter the final stone the more you can’t possibly lose in your honing adventure.

You will be hard pressed at any price to find a similar combination of steel removal rate and fineness of what’s left after doing so.   They are remarkably quick and fine stones.  But it is only 2×6″, so not a stone a working professional like me should employ (I do have an 2x8x1″ #1 awaiting cleaning/resurfacing it is not a Lily White and having used all three of the deprecated terms there’s no doubt the LWs have a fineness and feedback better than the other two, while I have seen in publications I have never seen for sale anywhere an identified 8″ LW, and welcome the first such sighting).  There was never a 3″ wide version of this extraction, sadly, or for that matter seemingly anything wider than 2″.  Totally unrelated, but the day my wife got eye surgery to fix nearsightedness worse than 6.0 in each eye, I had to putt around and kill 2hrs on a side of Jax we’d otherwise never drive being too far, and popped into a hole-in-the-wall proprietorship liquor store to find my first and still only opportunity to buy a particular Japanese whisky with a stated age on the bottle.  It was good.

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Weight 84 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in