Intentionally Convex Belgian #8 Coticule Bout Sharpening Stone Razor Hone | Includes Concaved Slurry Stone | Made in Belgium


These Things Will *Never* Be Upon The River of Fakes

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Talk about a SKU you’ll *NEVER* see on The River of Fakes and Fake Reviews!

This is a Belgian coticule bout (“bout” = polygon), bonded to slate.  Its ~109mm length has been shaped to ~25’Ø, with the ~6.5’Ø affect across its ~38-65mm width.   I suspect, but cannot prove, that it is a “La Grise”; its surface is pure and true precisely the way I’d want it to be for this work, it is just the layer of stone right near the glue on the longest facet which gives some possibility it is something else, though that little scrap is probably just the “hard La Grise” showing.  One of its two long facets is 112mm long, the other 109mm long; the 6.5′ axis is smartly aligned to 90° of the 109mm facet, so you can set in a concave bevel’s primary shape by having your razor’s heel aligned to the ~65mm facet and moving back and forth along that, though do a few laps as best you can on the narrower 38mm facet the same way to spread your wear around.

The little slurry stone that’s included has been shaped a bit to be the opposite form as the bench stone.  You can use it to generate a slurry on the first step and shaping your razor will be quite fast!

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