Intentionally Convex Select Grade La Veinette Belgian Coticule Bout Sharpening Stone Razor Hone #8 Size | Made in Belgium


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Talk about a SKU you’ll *NEVER* see on The River of Fakes and Fake Reviews!

This is a #8 size ‘La Veinette’ Belgian coticule bout (“bout” = polygon), bonded to slate.  The ~96mm longest facet has been smartly aligned to a ~6.5’Ø convex form, with a ~25’Ø shape affected across its the axis which is 90° to the ~6.5’Ø-shaped axis.   There is a free included slurry/rubbing stone, which has been shaped concave to the bench stone; you align the slurry stone’s longest facet with the 96mm facet on the bench stone, and you’ll feel that they’re well paired.

For the primary shape of your bevel, face your razor’s spine-to-edge axis toward the long axis of this stone, where it will cut in a nice and concave bevel with its excellent minimum speed on plain water; of course you can use slurry, and the included slurry stone’s well matched to the base stone, but the star of this stone is that its minimum action is both fast and fine.  I wish that could be combined with a feedback like a featureless La Grise, but that’s a rare bird…you might find a very soft Dressante which could do that trick, but good luck actually hunting one down.

There is a 25’Ø axis *across* the stone’s “width”, so as you rub your razor down the long axis of this stone, try to vary where you work upon the bevel, or move the contact patch across the bevel like a circuit.  I detail these concepts below;

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