Dovo 10660507 Contour Nipper | Corner of Cutting Head Specialized to Ingrown Toe Nail Extraction | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Made in Germany | ¡Discontinued! (THIS LISTING’S PRESENCE INDICATES WE *DO* HAVE STOCK UNTIL THE ADD-TO-CART BUTTON SAYS “OUT OF STOCK” AT WHICH TIME IT WILL BE DELETED)


Dovo 10660507 Contour Nipper f/ Ingrown Toe Nails

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Specialized for ingrown nails, this “spitz spitz” nipper has a terrific grip and enough length and control alike to get the job done easily on yourself.

“Contour” is a designation relating to the indents on the sides of the handles, so your thumb and fingertips stay put on the handle.

DOVO, like any serious Solingen podiatry cutlery maker catering to the pro market, offers multiple cutting head options for their nippers.

The general use models will have a slightly sloped and curved upwards cutting edge (towards the part of the tool furthest from your hands). This includes “Dovo TORRO” 125556, “Haptikos” 126556, and “Haptikos” 1265516.
The “spitz” head has a flat top facing the administrator and a ~45° underside (models 127556, 10650456, 10660506, & 10660606). Sort of a general user that can get the occasional ingrown bugger.
The “spitz spitz” (such as #127557 and this one) have longer and slightly narrower-angle version heads of the “spitz”, with a narrower topside to get in to the corners of the finers and toes.
Finally there are extremist heads highly specialized for the ingrown nails, the “extra spitz” and “flammespitz” models (Dovo codes #10650459, 10660509, 10660504).
Stainless steel
Satin finished
5″ Length
Double leaf spring provides tension with superior control
Box joint hinge
Delivered in plastic case
Made in Germany

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Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in