Dovo Linen & Russian Leather Strop with Padded Handle 18345002 Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo Linen + Russian Leather Strop with Padded Handle #183, 1.75 x 15.6″ Stropping Area | Handmade in Solingen Germany | ¡DISCONTINUED!

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Dovo Linen & Russian Leather Strop

The Dovo linen strop (18345002) has a 1.75×15.6″ effective piece of sweet-smelling Russian-type calfhide with stitched and padded handle along with a linen rear preparation surface.   This is a webbed cotton type of linen preparation side, so perhaps consider adding a linen-only strop if you wish to keep the razor sharp through sharpening pastes.

White Finely-Webbed Cotton Prep Side

Dovo’s current offering for the linen preparation surface is a bright white herringbone style cotton, which takes very well to the Dovo white paste, but which does not come pre-conditioned with this as they used to do with flax type linen.  Try it as-is, and you feel it will get “pill-y”, go for the Dovo white paste.

Better, Softer Hides

The Dovo 183-45002 is notably “above” the Herold 193 equivalent we sell; it makes an audibly higher-pitched noise when stropping.  I believe (within the split-side calfhides realm) higher pitch + equal speed = breaks in edge metal best aligned the max distance from spine.

Superior Hide Quality, Yes, But Permanently Stitched…Be Careful

Dovo’s velvety velour is the envy of more common strops.  Unlike modern production American strops with riveted ends, unfortunately, nothing on a Dovo can be user-replaced.  They are sewn, so if nicked, one can only sand down the problem spot and endure life with less owner’s pride.  Go slow; it ain’t a race, and the razor don’t know the difference.

These are More Pink, and More Supple












These strops were produced on behalf of Dovo by the company responsible for Herold-branded ~equivalent pieces.  But to say they were identical beyond branded embossments was and is wrong.  They are for practical purpose functionally the same.

For a connoisseur, however, the Dovo pieces were always just a little pinker and softer than the rest of the brands.  I believe “first dibs” went to Dovo, nothing more complicated.   The two firms have since parted ways and Dovo sources from another outfit.  The calfhide bearing modern Dovo production is truly second to none, the best of the best.  Whether that small difference is worth actual money is entirely up to you.

Suede Style Strops = More Feedback, Less Lifespan, Good Trade

All split-side type (suede style) leather wears more easily than top/full grain strops.  That’s not to say cost per stropping session at home’s high, as it certainly isn’t.  Expect ~3-5 years of daily use before this may show a “tread wear indicators”.   I do more stropping here in the shop (where a hyper-accelerated climate displays the durability difference in a delicacy like the Dovos versus more utilitarian leathers) than any home user and still prefer the split-side (and compressed air afterward to dislodge its dander from razor’s hollow area).

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in