Dovo Shavette German Straight Razor Blue 2010140 | Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo Shavette German Straight Razor Blue 2010140 | Made in Solingen Germany

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The #2010140 Shavette has a plastic black handle, and a blue anodized aluminum head, for the lightest possible design.

The Dovo 2010140 is supplied with a plastic sheath, a #201003 transparent blade holder for using regular DE blades, and a single Merkur DE blade (break in half, of course, you only use one side at a time).

With the 201003 transparent blade holder in place and absent a blade, the 2010140 weighs 14.5 grams.


The ‘Shavette’ is a trademarked term of Dovo’s, one which has (to Dovo’s chagrin) colloquially become generically associated by enthusiasts to any “barber straight razors”, meaning those that use replacable blades.

If you’re curious about how it feels to use a straight razor, the Dovo Shavettes and other barber razors will get you most of the way way there, as they allow you to be the full controller of the blade’s angle of incidence to the skin, something that’s limited in range with any safety razor-there might be a spot or two on your face where the best blade performance would occur with the blade nearly parallel or perpendicular to the skin, and the Shavette/barber razor gives you that option because there’s no head cap nor handle to physically prohibit such extreme angles.

Shavettes do not allow you to control a blade edge’s condition of polish itself as upon conventional straight razors, but you don’t have any of the upkeep involved with using a regular straight, either, and the Shavette world blades are always sharper, given that they are so much more acute (the angle of the triangle of metal coming at your face is more acute than “real” straight razors).  They’re not as “smooth” as conventional straight razors because their blades’ sides aren’t well polished in comparison, but if you can learn to make a light touch there is an enormous keenness advantage here which for many turns out to be too big an advantage towards Shavettes to ignore.  Conventional straight razors are covetous, nostalgic, romantic, and worthy of any straight razor users’ possession – compulsory, really – but it would be curious for a user of conventional straight razors to never try the Shavette side of the realm.

Each Dovo Shavette razor comes with a #201003 blade holder (historically was red, but in 2016 was changed to transparent), the default mechanism that accepts a half of a regular “DE” blade (just snap the blade in two and it pops right in), as well as one Merkur double-edge razor blade.   We also carry two Golddachs models (one taking Dovo-and-other-Germans style “long” blades and another using costly proprietary blades but not needing any plastic intermediary stuff), and the “NKOTB” we’re impossibly fond of here, the Italian-made Focus brand, produced in a costly 100% aluminum affair requiring no intermediary plastic or in a more conventional Shavette clone made from stainless steel.

The Dovo #201004 black blade holder accepts the Dovo 10-pack Shavette “long” blades (product code #201014).  There are a few other brands of thin/long single-edge blade which are also produced in Germany and reputedly fit these holders, but we only stock the Dovos as we can guarantee they fit.   I personally saw Merkur/Dovo’s production of Merkur-labeled standard-type DE blades and also Merkur corn blades, but that was now seven years ago, and I either didn’t see production of Dovo-labeled long blades or don’t recall it from my factory tour; Dovo/Merkur very likely commissions blades from other Solingen firms at this point, but if you read online in forums that Merkur always bought their DE blades from someone else making them (and that’s printed alllllll over the shaving internet, so I’m certain there’s good chance you have), I’m here to tell you that either Dovo/Merkur cranked up a ~1960s Swedish machine churning out Merkur-labelled DE blades in their Solingen factory just to impress the owner of this one small account of theirs or they were indeed making them in their own factory at one time.

The Shavette and all the other barber razors hold a DE or single-edge blade taut for you to be the absolute boss of stretching and angle and pressure.  I can’t understand why the barbers that I see are always using the worst pieces of crap barber razors from the Sally’s or wherever… don’t they know how much these razors themselves affect their ability to wield the blade effectively?

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