Dovo 5040546 5.25″ Thinning Shears | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Made in Germany


Dovo 5040546 5.25″ Thinning Shears | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | 40 V-Shaped Teeth | Made in Germany

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The Dovo #5040546 is a stainless steel model 40-tooth thinning shear, supplied with a plastic pouch.  It was a strong little seller for TSS, hitting the sweet spot of quality and price and just the right size; sadly, in 2020 all Dovo own-production of scissors came to an end.    We have the stock we have and then that’ll be that.

The teeth have a vee shape at their end and you can feel this ‘snick’ as you move the scissor along its run.  The other standard cutting edge has a standard German classic 35° cutting angle, traditionally sharpened for durability (if you prefer the ‘Catch Cut’ corrugated edge for the non-toothed side of the thinner, Dovo did produce such in the 5046656, but that one’s 6.5″ only and has 46 teeth, while here we’re at a smaller 5.25″ with 40 teeth).

Satin-finished stainless steel
5.25″ Length
40-Teeth Thinning Scissor
Screw-in Finger Rest
Weighs 35 grams
Supplied w/ pouch


NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR CLAIMS OF DEFECT ACCEPTED FOR ANY PURCHASE OF DOVO SHEARS.  These shears come with a 2-year guarantee against any manufacturing defect (Dovo still maintains repair capacities), and you will need to contact Dovo to return to Germany if this arises.  We have never seen it occur, but if your copy of shears did turn out to have a defect in which Dovo (making hairdressing scissors since before the Cold War) agreed the item was defective, we will compensate you for your expenses of mailing to Germany (Dovo will pay for your return shipping). “Shears Defect Claim Fraud” is a rampant scourge within the market of hairdressers purchasing professional hairdressing scissors, as professional hairdressers seem to think that these things are like a library, try and return until you find your one true love…Ottoman Empire sultans were less particular about their concubines than is a professional hairdresser about their shears.  This fraud is reflected in the much-too-high price you’ll pay because the ‘defective’ returned shears cannot be resold, lots of wasted postage/parcel, etc..  At this shop, however, 1) you will NEVER receive a shear used by anyone (let’s be honest, we all know that’s happening if you can return shears somewhere!), 2) you will NEVER be able to circumvent the policy to get your money back with the text that’s now assigned to the add-to-cart button itself, & 3) you will pay a much lower price because you are subsidizing the fraud of others.   After mailing many of these ‘defective’ pieces back to Dovo over the years and getting the unchanged shears along with a preprinted form letter stating “we have examined this item very carefully and find nothing out of specification”, we will no longer humor this stuff – there’s plenty of places you can buy these shears (and pay more, obviously) if you’d like to play that ‘defective’ card to try-and-return.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in
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