Dovo 508056 Beard and Mustache Set | 44406 Nose Scissor, 907000 Mustache Razor, and 43456 Beard Scissor | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Made in Germany | ¡Discontinued! (THIS LISTING’S PRESENCE INDICATES WE *DO* HAVE STOCK UNTIL THE ADD-TO-CART BUTTON SAYS “OUT OF STOCK” AT WHICH TIME IT WILL BE DELETED)


Dovo 508056 Beard Mustache Set | Includes Nose Scissor, Beard Scissor, Comb, and Mustache Razor |  Made in Solingen, Germany

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In the Dovo 508056 Beard and Mustache set you get the 43456 Moustache precision 4.5″ beard scissor, the 44406 4″ nose scissor, the Merkur “Mustache” Razor, a 10-pack of blades for the ‘stache razor, and a new 4″ horn beard/mustache comb, all together in brown buffalo leather.   In fact it is almost the identical set to the 508051 set listed on, except that their offering is nickel-plated carbon steel for the nose and mustache scissors (and no finger rest for the mustache scissor, either).    Love their generic content that they actually think is better than content specific to the item you’re looking at, too, huh?  There’s a picture of a guy shaving someone, and the features include ‘expertly crafted’ and ‘built to last’.

All components are made in Solingen, Germany.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in