Dovo 918115 Premium Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush Buffalo Horn Handle Made in Germany | ¡Closeout Sale Final Stocks!


Dovo 918115 Silvertip Badger Brush | Buffalo Horn Handle | 100% Handmade in Solingen Germany, INCLUDING Setting to Handle | Choose Yours from Pics of Actual Stock! ¡DISCONTINUED!


Well we were delighted to have an opportunity to purchase these final 918115s that Dovo found or got around to making for sale from their original factory and 100%-own-production era.  While in the time of this unit’s production it was entirely produced by Dovo (including hand formed and set knots done in-house at Bocklinstrasse 10, I’ve got images of hair bundles and the work station at their factory!), they likely did not keep a brushmaker on the payroll after the restructuring and purchase knots from within Germany of the quality and specification of their choosing.

To me there is just something special that both the handle and the knot were all Dovo and all their original space, and they don’t make this model anymore.  We’d have bought even more, but we can only import twenty-four units of horns in a box and had some razors in the parcel to boot, Dovo had a few dozen of this terrific model left.   It is solid buffalo horn farm raised in France and of the highest possible quality, perfectly matched to their Bergischer Löwe razor, and when you molest this dry knot you can feel the skill in the setting.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
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