Dovo 18535001 Calfhide and Linen Strop D-Ring Handle Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo Linen & Calfhide Leather Strop 18535001, 1.75×11.75″ Stropping Area with D-Ring Base and Swivel Top | Handmade in Solingen, Germany

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Dovo Calfhide & Linen Strop

The Dovo calfhide strop with linen (18535001) has a 1.75×11.75″ effective area of extra-fine calfhide, a stitched endcap with D-ring handle, and a linen rear preparation surface.   This is a webbed cotton type of linen preparation side, so perhaps consider adding a linen-only strop if you wish to keep the razor sharp through sharpening pastes.

White Finely-Webbed Cotton Prep Side

Dovo’s current offering for the linen preparation surface is a bright white herringbone style cotton, which takes very well to the Dovo white paste, but which does not come pre-conditioned with this as they used to do with flax type linen.  Try it as-is, and you feel it will get “pill-y”, go for the Dovo white paste.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in