Dovo 5046656 Catch Cut Thinning Shears 6.5″ | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Made in Germany | ¡Discontinued! LAST 2pcs IN-STOCK


Dovo Catch Cut Thinning Shears | Signature Corrugated Edge | Stainless Steel | 6.5″ Length, 46 Teeth | Made in Solingen Germany

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The Dovo Catch Cut thinning shears (model no. 50-46656) were a satin-finished stainless steel model 46-tooth thinning shear, ‘matched’ to their very popular Catch Cut conventional scissors.  It emulated the unique feel of the ‘Catch Cut’ series by having a finely serrated cutting edge opposite the thinning teeth, and in this way is entirely unique within Dovo’s vast catalog.  Sadly, Dovo stopped making shears in 2020, and what we have here is the last of our inventory, when gone this SKU will go away too.

Signature Catch and Hold Action

The Catch Cut scissors feature a cutting blade finely corrugated to allow good sharpness and extremely long-lasting edge performance.  In fact, many professionals use Catch Cut scissors for decades without re-sharpening!  The “catch and cut” signature action of the model allows simultaneous cutting and holding the hair, a feature that makes them favored by old-school barbers.  These have more friction during the run of the scissor and are not ideal for fine/thin hair, but nonetheless resonate with stylists enough to remain unchanged some sixty years on.

The Catch Cut 50 isn’t the shear for you if you want the lightest possible scissoring action, for these are *not* giving that by their very intent.   If you’re already an owner and longtime user of a Dovo ‘Catch Cut’ scissor, however, you’ll likely prefer these to any other Dovo thinner.

Standard Style Durable 35° Angle

The Dovo Catch Cut has a 35° cutting angle, which was Dovo’s standard on all traditional models.


  • Satin-finished stainless steel
  • 6.5″ Length, 46 V-shape thinning teeth
  • Screw-in finger rest
  • Adjustable center screw (tool supplied)
  • Corrugated edge
  • Supplied w/ plastic pouch and screw adjustment tool
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Weighs 56 grams




These shears come with a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects, and you’ll need to contact Dovo to return to Germany for service if this arises.  We’ve never seen it occur (because they’re made as intended in the first place), but if your copy of shears did turn out to have a defect in which Dovo (making hairdressing scissors prior the Cold War) agreed the item was defective, we’ll compensate you for your expenses of mailing to Germany (and Dovo will pay for your return shipping).

Don’t Fund Others’ Fraud, This Isn’t a Library!

“Shears Defect Claim Fraud” is a scourge within the professional hairdressing scissor market.  Professional hairdressers treat them like library books, just try and return until finding the one true love.   Ottoman Empire sultans were less particular about concubines than professional hairdressers are of their shears!  This is FRAUD, and the FRAUD is reflected in the much-too-high price you would pay.  Those ‘defective’ returned shears cannot be resold, lots of wasted postage/parcel, etc..

No Secretly-Used Shears Sold Here!!!

At this shop, however, 1) you will NEVER receive a shear used by anyone (let’s be honest, we all know that’s happening if you can return shears somewhere!), 2) you will NEVER be able to circumvent the policy to get your money back with the text that’s now assigned to the add-to-cart button itself, & 3) you’ll pay a lower price as you’re NEVER secretly subsidizing others’ fraud.

Germans Get Offended if Told their Non-Defective item’s Defective

After mailing many of these ‘defective’ pieces back to Dovo over the years and getting the unchanged shears along with a preprinted form letter stating “we have examined this item very carefully and find nothing out of specification“, we no longer humor this stuff.  There’s plenty of places you can buy these shears (and pay more, obviously! insert smirking emoji) if you’ wish to play the ‘defective-try-and-return’ card.  Amazon, eBay,…

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