Dovo Straight Razor Replacement Scales Celluloid 6/8 Size 613 Made in the European Union


Straight Razor Scales, Celluloid | Made for 6/8″ Razors | Made in the European Union

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The Dovo straight razor replacement scales are appropriate for most 11/16″ and smaller straight razors. These scales are made of celluloid, and are medium-weight at approximately 13.5 grams.

Made to Fit the 6/8 Modern Standard Razor Dimensions

Current production size 6/8 German razors will fit. To be sure of your particular razor as there are so many thousands of brands, measure the distance from your razor’s pivot pin hole to the furthest point away on the cutting edge. Your razor should have a measurement <116mm at this spot.

Wedge Pre-Installed & Built for Modern 6/8 Thickness

Furthermore, these Dovo replacement scales for straight razors are built with a wedge at the non-pivot pin already installed.  The wedge angle is based on the presumption of the pivot pin zone of the razor needing the space of a current German 6/8, which is ~4.1mm; thinner-tanged razors can possibly work with the addition of washers, but note that these particular razor scales are designed to not be used with washers.

Includes All Required Hardware!

You’ll get one ‘pin and rosette’ with your replacement straight razor scales.  The scales are already given their hand-fitted-and-sanded wedge/pinning for the non-pivot end, and also already pre-drilled at the pivot pin.

CELLULOIDnever open the razor >240° once installed (puts pressure to the inside of the scale from the razor’s tang), never apply pressure to the outside of the pivot pin area (especially easy to do while stropping), and never never never apply solvents (including isopropyl alcohol) near these scales.  Do any of those things even once and you’ll break these scales – never do any of them, they’ll never break.  Pretty simple.  Celluloid does have 2 advantages to our more costly options; they cost less and they’re able to become exceptionally tight in their pinning – much tighter than the wood, micarta, or metal scales.


To install, first remove any incumbent scale/hardware.  Line up razor and scale, and put the rosette and pin in.  Nail in to some soft wood, or preferably use a jewelry anvil.  Crimp off the rear excess of the pin, and begin peening the backside.  Use a small ball peen hammer with the pin head flush to a firm surface such as a jewelry anvil.

It helps to open the razor to the loosest point and hold in this position while hitting the rear of the pin.  Hammer from various approach angles.  Be certain the head of the pin touches the backing surface, and not the wood.  It is a moderate skill, much like stropping and wielding the blade for its purpose.










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