Dovo 46409 46400 4″ Nose Hair Scissors | Nickel Plated Carbon Steel | Curved or Straight Blades | Made in Germany | ¡Discontinued! (THIS LISTING’S PRESENCE INDICATES WE *DO* HAVE STOCK UNTIL THE ADD-TO-CART BUTTON SAYS “OUT OF STOCK” AT WHICH TIME IT WILL BE DELETED)


Dovo Nose Scissors 46400 46409 | Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel | 4″ Length, Curved or Straight Blades | Made in Germany

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The Dovo model 46 nose hair scissors offer precise and safe trimming of nose and ear hair.   A specific scissor for cutting your nose and ear hair helps present a well groomed look to the world, especially as you age and the hairs in the nose and ear take over the job of growth from the top of the head.   These scissors were discontinued Oct. 2020 and we are selling all final stocks, consternate at your peril!

Dovo nose hair scissors always have a round, bulbous protective tip.  This encapsulates the cutting action to within the plane of space the scissors’ tips themselves create.  Thus, it is quite hard to cut yourself with these scissors, even when you’re not using your eyes.

The model 46 comes in either straight or curved blades and is made of nickel-plated carbon steel.  Thus, you should never leave wet, thoroughly dry after use, store in a dry environment, and lightly oil for long term storage.  They are also not to be steam-sterilized, and are only for personal use.  However, the cutting edge and quality of action is identical to their stainless steel siblings.

Curved Blades or Straight Blades?  it is Up to You

Curved Blades vs Straight Blades

Flat-bodied straight blade style nose scissors are more intuitive to use.  Curved blade nose hair scissors, on the other hand, take time to become easy.  Most ultimately will find curved blades most adept at getting the very front of the nostrils.  It is a personal preference.  There is no wrong or right answer.  Only subjective opinion here.

No matter which Dovo nose scissor you choose, they each deliver wonderful control of a tiny cutting edge area with a minimal ‘scissoring’ pressure needed to cut the nose or ear hair.

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46400 – Straight Blades, 46409 – Curved Blades