Dovo Shave Ritual Set Daylight (White) | Made in Portugal | ¡ EXTREMELY FRAGILE – CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING ONLY!



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This lovely thing includes four pieces; soap dish, lid, tray, and wooden shelf.  All items produced in Portugal.   CONTINENTAL USA SHIPPING ADDRESSES ONLY!    We will only ship this item by USPS Parcel Select service, as they’ve proven their worth in respecting the concept of fragility.  While we imported several pieces of this lovely item and awaited its distribution some six months, but two units survived the attempt, and we’ve determined it is not a practical item to try to import across the ocean given its fragility/value/shipping cost proposition.  However, we’re confident that we can ship it to you safely in the USA, though the true cost of that attempt is well baked in to the “Free Shipping” come-on.