Dovo Shaving Cream | Eucalyptus or Mint | Made in Italy


Classic “Croap” Style High End Italian Shaving Cream | 3 Scents | Produced by Famed EU Software Expert

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A 2010 debut produced by a well-established Italian soap maker, Dovo’s cream’s economical given the high yield per gram of consumption.   It is easy to lather, smells terrific – or at least terrifically authentic to the named fragrance – and has excellent slickness with good if unspectactular cushioning; slickness is far more crucial in life.

This is one of the densest creams you’ll see; cold Jif peanut buttter’s thinner.

This cream craves dense, small, stiff brushes so that the cream barely tinges the tips and stays within the tub’s diameter. Simpsons Case/Classic/Duke/Wee Scot do well.

While the scents are all more subtle from essential oils rather than FOs, your skin *will* be aware of the essential oils (especially the mint one), with some tingling (not the kind of tingling you might get from artificial in any over-prescribed application, though)  that most will find okay but some, of course, will find a bit too much.   The Superior Shave only purchases EU-certified software because their standards for independent testing for long term stability and allergen risks (which “an American ‘artisan’ in their kitchen” software has NONE AT ALL!) are stringent.

The bottom line; Dovo’s rather happy about their reputation, and wouldn’t have cream in the market assigned their name without serious forethought. A lot has come along in the seven years of these formulations, particularly the supermarket-level stuff from North American importers using Italian producers.  These “Dovo” creams still fit the prototype of higher end Italian performance with a preference for more subtlety to the odor amplitude. Whether that is worth the extra expense to the entry-level Italians is debateable, but the incredients list here is superior.

150ml tubs, and a little bit of product goes a long, long way.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in
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Eucalyptus (Sample, NO <$10 Orders), Eucalyptus (150ml Tub), Lavender (Sample, NO <$10 Orders), Lavender (150ml Tub), Mint (Sample, NO <$10 Orders), Mint (150ml Tub)