Focus 50825 8.75″ (22.5cm) Carbon Fiber Comb | Made in Italy


Focus 50825 Carbon Fiber Comb | Made in Italy

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What does Focus have among own-production that’s not impressive?  Honestly, so far nothing we’ve seen.   They are a hell of a team of engineers that execute product with precision and elegance.

We used to have a great Japanese company that produced carbon fiber combs, but that bit of their business died off.   Carbon fiber’s terrific for a comb, it is long lasting with great rigidity and extreme hardness but without any semblance of pointy/chippy ends – the terminus that touches your scalp is ideally formed with no seams you can feel, and the only type of comb that’s actually better for your scalp is horn, but horn is a high-maintenance relationship.

Carbon is a water repellent material, making carbon fiber combs adept at dispersing incumbent moisture when you’re drying your hair, passing the comb through the hair as you dry will greatly speed up your drying time.

100% made in Italy.

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in