Focus 4.05″ (103mm) Beard and Mustache Scissors | Corrugated Catch Cut Edges | Stainless Steel | Made in Italy


Focus 4.05″ (103mm) Beard and Mustache Scissor | Corrugated Catch Cut Edges | Stainless Steel | Made in Italy

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What does Focus have among own-production that’s not impressive?  Honestly, so far nothing we’ve seen.   They’re a heck of a team of engineers, executing products with precision and elegance.

This ~4″ stainless steel beard scissor has micro-serration on both cutting edges, hollow ground inner blade planes (uncommon to see with micro-serration and especially at this price), and can easily be used by right-handed or left-handed folks alike (in the left hand, hold the scissor such that its writing faces away from the palm…the thumb should always hold the ‘under’ of the two blades).   It was designed to be as ambidextrous as possible, and this is why it does not have a finger rest.    They could have given it two finger rests, but they wanted an elegant piece.

What truly sets this diminutive facial hair trimmer apart from the pack, however, is its exceptional control at the last ~1/2″ or so of travel of the blades.   You need a beard scissor with uniform tension to the critical screw assembly, so that the energy you need to open the blades is the same as needed to keep them moving – you’ll find plenty of terrifically sharp scissors without that skill, but getting that sharpness combined with tension/inertia uniformity is a much, much harder nut to crack.  This Focus scissor has that in spades, with the great feel coming from hollow grinding the inner blade planes, something one does not receive on many models at much higher prices.

You do make a slight tradeoff to have a truly ambidextrous scissor; these one-way-only scissors, for example, do have a somewhat more pleasurable “run” (the term for cutting tactile feedback/sensation) due their combination of one razor-type with one micro-serrated cutting edge.   But those scissors will cut poorly in the non-dominant hand compared to this model, and ambidexterity’s a useful skill in the toolbox when you’re cutting your own facial hair (barbers/stylists can always use their dominant hand, and thus are best served by 1-way style scissors).   There’s no free lunches in engineering, but if you’re buying a scissor to maintain your own facial hair and do not have enormous hands, the combined traits of this Focus model are extremely hard to match, at any price.  It’s a brilliant tool.

  • ~4.05″ (~103mm) Length
  • Satin-matte finish 56 HRC stainless steel
  • Supplied with plastic pouch
  • 18.3 grams
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy

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Weight 4 oz
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