¡NEW! Focus Dynamic EVO Evolution R48-5 Pivoting Single Edge Italian Safety Razor SE Red R48 | Uses 1/2 Normal Double Edge Razor Blades | Evolution Model = Added Blade Registry Tabs & Voids on Cap/Base | Made in Italy NEW VERSION WITH REDUCED EXPOSURE AS WITH ORIGINAL (PRE-‘EVO’) R48


Focus Dynamic EVO Evolution R48-7 Pivoting Single Edge Italian Safety Razor SE (Red) | Uses 1/2 Normal Double Edge Razor Blades | Evolution Model = Added Blade Registry Tabs & Voids on Cap/Base | Made in Italy

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THIS NEW-IN-2022 VERSION HAS REDUCED BLADE EXPOSURE + REGISTRY POINTS FOR THE HEAD PINS/HOLES, TO MAKE THE 2022 R48 “EVO” THE SAME EXTRA-EXTRA-MILD DEMEANOR OF THE ORIGINAL R48 (the one w/o any tabs, and admittedly-fussy blade loading/exchange).    This listing is for the red-handled version, and if you’re looking for the aggressive version of ‘Evo’, we have some stock here and then when it is gone it is gone.

You see, Italian barbers had complained to Focus that the original 48 was too damn mild, so the first ‘Evo’ was catered to them; believe it or not, this small Milanese company by and large makes their way from supplying professional barbers before end users.  That’d never fly over here in America because, let’s face it, if you are in the trade of supplying American barbers, you know they’re a bunch of cheap bastards.  Not so in Italy, they’ll spend more, they’ll spend high once for the very best tool they see fit, and that’s frankly how it should be for any pro working with their tools daily.  Anyway, the barbers wanted a 1-pass demon over there for a fast shave of the customers, but to me that was not fitting with the spirit of the original R48, which was/is the kind of razor you just can’t get any irritation from no matter what you do…just engage that pivoting mechanism and by nature the blade only went beyond the plane of the head cap a teensy, tiny bit.  For a working pro, it can be understandable that they’d perhaps want something faster, as original R48 – and this new Evo variant – is *not* the kind of razor you can get a ‘BBS’ shave from in a single pass, you’ll need passes down your grain pattern and across the grain at the bare minimum.   But in exchange for making what they’d wanted, you had to be able to engage the pivot just a little bit, without going to the end of its travel and just keeping it tensioned there, for if you were to do that and not have durable skin you were sure to get a bite.  Now, we’re back to square one, and the barbers over there will tsk-tsk this as a kiddie tool, but damned if it isn’t the easiest BBS making DE razor on the planet, too, and now it is also easy to load/unload blades.

The R48’s bottom part of the head has two inward voids, and the top part of the head has protrusions, to hold a blade in place.

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