Focus 113259 Angled Tweezers | INOX 304 Stainless Steel Tweezers | 45° Angled Tips | Made in Italy | THESE ARE INCREDIBLE


Focus INOX Angled Tweezers | Precision Stainless Steel Tweezers | 100% Made in Italy

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The Focus INOX tweezers are their most masculine-bodied model, offered in rounded, straight across, or the angled tips as here in model no. 113259.

First, the Focus tweezers are 100% stainless steel (brushed ‘satin-polished’ finish), and made to the highest degree of precision in Milan, Italy.  The production process is much more involved (33 different steps!) than one perhaps suspects.

Secondly, Focus chooses 304 stainless steel for its elasticity and inert quality.  With these tweezers, you’ll never experience a small magnetic field between the jaws (this is common with inexpensive options).  This allows you to be exacting and delicate in your immediate hair removal.

Lastly, a skilled Italian master grinder joins each Focus INOX tweezer pair’s tips by hand.  Furthermore, all stock is critically examined with a scanner before dispatch.

These tweezers do not break off the hair – they grab it, and hold it securely.

The standoff angle puts the jaws with about 8mm of space between them at rest before you’d apply the squeeze.

The Focus INOX tweezers arrive in an attractive gift box.

100% Made in Italy.    Focus also offers an innovative nail file, and here at TSS we’re big fans…great Italian engineers!

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