Focus L36 Concave Nail File | 316 Stainless Steel | Made in Italy


Focus L36 Nail File | 2 Concave Sides | Fits in a Pocket | Ultra Durable Stainless Steel | Made in Italy

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There is no other nail file alike to this one, that’s for sure!

Revolutionary engineering from Focus, as usual.

Completely made of 316 stainless steel, the Focus L36 Nail File features two concave sides (one coarser, one finer) covered in concentric ridges, for the ideal production of perfectly manicured, naturally round nails.

Oscillate back and forth in the concave pits for normal nails, or for very long nails just go in one direction.

The knurled ends smooth and clean under the nails, and there’s one flat ridged portion to the outside which you can use to grind down burrs on the sides, hangnails, etc.

It is small (~18.2×15.1mm diameter by height) and light enough (just 23 grams) to take with you everywhere in your baby jeans pocket.

100% made in Italy, and delivered with a cheeky ring box so you can fool the wife or significant other on one knee – they’ll think you’ve lost your mind, and they’ll laugh! (and _love_ this nail file!)

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in