Focus Dynamic EVO Evolution INOX R50 Single Edge Italian Safety Razor SE | 316 Stainless Steel | Uses 1/2 Double Edge Razor Blade | Evolution Model = Added Blade Registry Tabs & Voids on Cap/Base | Made in Italy


Focus R50 Dynamic SE Razor | Made in Milan, Italy | Revolutionary and  Polarizing | All Stainless Steel | Uses 1/2 of Regular DE Blade

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A new version of the R50, with the ‘Evo’ tabs for registry of the blade [as we’re showing from the stock of the aluminum one, but otherwise same R50 as always].   This is an exceedingly-mild razor, by all intention.  It has low blade exposure, a small blade gap, and the native blade angle is extremely acute.

Weight of the R50 Evo is 94 grams.

The revolutionary Dynamic razor keeps your double edge razor’s blade precisely at 25° of blade-to-skin angle.

This is a heavy razor, but whatever pressure you do add to the party to engage the pivot, try to add it to the top of the razor head instead of the bottom where the blade is.

The dedicated R49 stand (108g, 60x40x20mm, 100% aluminum) aids in your loading/exchange of blades due to the way it holds the Focus Dynamic Evo’s head in place.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
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