Golddachs Shaving Soap 60g Puck (Sport) Made in Germany


The easiest-to-use tallow-free milled shaving soap I’ve ever tried.

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Around for ages (like Col Conk of the US market) but somewhat uncommonly distributed in the cooler Western hemisphere for some reason, Golddachs Shaving Soaps are a product without weakness beyond their high buy-in cost; the soap’s easily-produced lather’s slick, hydrating, voluminous, and enduring, and being a milled soap purged of air and water as much as possible your true cost per session is much lower than most creams, croaps, etc…  It would be unfair to call it a “jack of all trades” because it is too damn good at so many things.   Net exports are enormous for the hard soap class, and I’ve not used a true hard soap easier to lather (though I would say that the Dovo and Sampson croaps are both easier, for but two examples).  Being smelly Tabac’s equal in that skill is an impressive accolade indeed, given the Tabac’s use of the tallow.   Use as you wish and I like your odds to like the finished product introduced to the blade, but you’ll never go wrong if you use the method described upon the page for the Osma soap (start with a brush that could use a bit more water, create a tarry paste to rub upon the face, and then introduce more water gradually via a quite wet brush until this stuff gets heavy and fluffy enough to threaten to move on your face..heaven!).

On first whiff of a dry “sport” cake and I’m deeply and immediately reminded of adolescence spent with Irish Spring soap; no doubt that here, given the extreme expense, whatever creates that aura was of higher-quality beginnings.   It smells “youthful” and “fresh”, but the latter would certainly apply to the “Classic” scent, too, to this one nose.

Just a scant 60 grams of lather fuel given here, in a compact ~69×18.5mm WxH size with a “gradually-bowled” bottom.  Available in a refill alone, with a lined helicoid tin great for travel, or together with a Thier-Issard bowl with vented lid which is absolutely born to take this exact soap.    Sorry, no samples available, no way to break this off easily given how milled.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in
Refill, Travel Tin, or with Bowl?

Refill Alone, Soap+Travel Tin, Soap + Thiers-Issard Bowl