Golddachs Thumb Bowl | Made in China


Golddachs Thumb Bowl | Made in China

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The Golddachs ‘Thumb Brush Dish’ is marketed as holding a soap from which to work off of as well as holding your brush between passes, but its soap-residing cavity, whichever one of the two divisions you see in the pictures you wish to make have that job, is a bit too small to hold pretty much any soap when new.  Very small cakes, such as Edwin Jagger, can be cut in half along their maximum diameter and should work well enough, or the Golddachs can be divided to fit well.  Of course, a dollop of cream will work.  I’d use the deeper cavity without the ridges to make lather.  The bottom of this piece is one continuous cavity with a little piggybank-stopper plugging up the hole, so you can fill the inside with very hot water (or ice cold water with a mentholy soap in the summer) and it will add to the comfort factor throughout the shave.    Made in China.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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