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If you buy a new straight razor or just get into the hobby, you’ll likely read many an impassioned shaving forum thread about honing a straight razor and what is right and wrong, etc.   We’re here to encourage you to think for yourself, and  always question.

Please note that every single one of those screenshot pictures you can scroll through here were unsolicited from these customers.

If you do send a razor to us to hone, we’re going to hone it the way we were taught by German grinders who went to an actual physical school for razor grinding for three years following their two-year apprenticeship; that might not be the same way as the shaving forum experts, so proceed with caution!


What we won’t hone;

bombs and/or artificial human sex organs sent to my home to attempt to bother/harass/injure me or my family

– razors with large chips/dents on the cutting edge visible to the naked eye
Pakistani or Chinese razors or any razor that does not identify country of origin [as DE/US/SE/FR/GB/SP/JP]
– non hollow ground razors (wedge grind razors, 1/4-hollow, etc)


¡If in doubt, send a picture(s) first to [email protected]!

Many pics helps, and so does sensible resolution (3000 abreast max is fine please)

Include your return name/address and do not include anything else you want returned.   Protect your carbon steel, and protect your mailing vessel from anything that protects carbon steel from harming it or adjacent mail or rendering your address label unreadable.   The simplest of these is petroleum jelly because it stays in place better than Ballistol, mineral oil, etc. and most households have some laying about somewhere.

here is our address to mail your razor



Turnaround time’s ~1-2 days.

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