Il Ceppo 6620 Brush Stand Made in Italy | ¡SALE!


Il Ceppo 6620 Shaving Brush Stand | Made in Florence, Italy | Chrome-Plated with Well Weighted Base | Holds Simpsons’ Persian Jar PJ2 by the Waist!

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The Il Ceppo 6620 shaving brush stand [made in Italy] is a tall brush-only stand with an extra-heavy base.

The goal of this (discontinued-and-out-of-production) shaving brush stand was to properly hold a narrow-waisted brush by the skinny spot on the handle (known as the ‘waist’).

One can mount a brush at the conventional knot/handle border, of course, and that’s shown in one of the pictures.  But this stand’s so tall because it wants to allow enough clearance (from the waist to the summit of the knot) to avoid physical interference with your table or countertop.

It’d probably be more useful with a larger gate and even more height, but it is still pretty good as-is.   Simpsons’ Persian Jar PJ2 can be held by its waist with this one!

Made in Florence, Italy

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in