Intentionally Convex Vintage Norton WB6 No. 1 Washita Whetstone ~2x6x0.75″ 451g Sharpening Stone Razor Hone | Made in USA


Convex Sharpening Hone | Made in USA | Shaped to a 6.5’Ø x 25’Ø Ellipse

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1.5 brutal hours hand labor with a simply awful sound, but we have a winner!

This is a vintage Norton ‘WB6′ No.1 Washita stone, shaped on one of its 2×6″ facets to an ellipse of 6.5’ primary diameter and 25’Ø across the 2″ width.

This is probably the best natural bevel-setting specialist in existence, minus its even-velvety-ier sibling “LB*” (= Norton/Pike Lily White Washita).  Used resellers of these rock$ are quite proud of their inventory.  They are fast and fine enough for setting up a bevel on a straight razor.

It took -3.1mm of novaculite off the 4 corners to create this finished ‘arc-chord’.  Spectacular!

The strata wasn’t perfect, before lapping began as-received the stone was dirty, and now it has been soaked and lapped clean.  I’ve highlighted every imperfection in the pictures as best I can.

I paid $71.99 to acquire this rock on eBay, and the abrasive I’m using costs $90 per sheet and does *not* last forever, to speak nothing of the time-in pissing off the cat(s) and people…can’t do this at the office with other tenants there in good conscience, and if at home I’d better have the apartment to myself minus its permanent residents!  Shaping novaculite’s no fun, physically or acoustically.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in