Merkur 904780002 Razor Brush Stand (Satin Matte) Made in Germany


Merkur 904780002 Razor + Brush Stand (Satin Matte)

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The Merkur 904780002 Matte razor and stand has been in the Merkur stable quite awhile, and is designed around their Futur razor as well as their curiously-long-handled 901700002 silvertip brush.

This is a listing for ONLY a stand, you do NOT receive any razor, we are ONLY showing you the razors so you can see how they fit the gates of the stand.    

This stand will certainly hold a pair of most types of safety razors, though if your model is >15mm at all points it would be the exception.   The ‘gate’ is but 15mm wide, so speaking of brushes I believe it may only fit the Simpsons ‘Wee Scot’ as well as the long-handled Merkur models that are matched to the ‘Futur’ and ‘VISION’ razors.

At last, your poor Wee Scot can get off the counter top after all those years!

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in