Merkur Super Platinum Stainless Double Edge Safety Razor Blades DE | MADE IN GERMANY STOCK | 10-Pack


Merkur 90910000 Double Edge Razor Blades MADE IN GERMANY

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These Merkur Blades were taken from within a gift set we’ve had in-stock for a few years and is a silly thing to try and ship through the mail because of the absurdly large wooden box they came in; we sold a few when we had a retail shop but they’re a shipping nightmare without a walk-in sale and it is silly to even offer it that way because of those box dimensions.

So, we chucked those huge boxes and are selling off the bits for cash to recoup capital; originally the sets contained a razor, brush, soap, aftershave, 10-pack of blades, and a huge wooden box.   NO EXTERNAL PACKAGING, but these are the old Solingen-made blades, not the new ones from Czech Republic, which are different in character.   We bought these stocks in 2019 so I’d assume late 2018 or early 2019 production.

I don’t think the new blades are bad at all.   But those who liked the old ones, know why they did, and unfortunately for many years another competing Solingen firm had been making them for Merkur (I first went to Solingen 11yrs ago and they were indeed making corn and razor blades on that May day in that Bocklinstrasse facility, right before my eyes, so my guess is their machinery which was from Switzerland and I was told from the 1960s got too old or they sold it off or something and then relied thereafter on the firm that eventually was bought out by the wiz kids who started Harry’s, and order #1 of business was “no more OEM production for competitiors!”).    My guess is another OEM branded blade cache’s out there somewhere, and is exactly alike to these loved/hated Merkurs, but good luck figuring out what that was and hunting them down, and we can be sure that factory’s not pimping for nobody else nowadays.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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