TSS Rein Dachs Klassik Shaving Brush | ~20×52mm Two Band Badger Knot | Multiwood Handle | Made in Germany


TSS Rein Dachs Klassik Shaving Brush | ~20×52mm Two Band Badger Knot | Multiwood Handle | Made in Germany

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The “Multiwood Klassik” model is a “two-band” badger brush with a cylindrical handle with gold ringlet that’s made in Bavaria Germany.   Both the handle and the knot are made by hand in Bavaria, and the company making the knots does nothing but produce brushes for >100yrs in an area well known for the handicraft.  Among their handles, this one and the walnut (“nussbaumholz”) model are naturals for face-lathering, while the taller cherrywood and olivewood given to the losers in the bowl-using crowd.   That’s a joke, by the way, that “loser” line just prior…you see, nobody would actually think someone’s a loser or a winner for the way they make lather, and comedy boils down to “the three eyes” (irrelevance, irony, or immaturity).   You may ring us if you’re hard up for a good bit and also appreciate the Kaufman/Galafianakis approach where the audience’s squirm’s equally valued as its laughter, perhaps we can throw you a bone.

Six Different Handle Options Available

The Rein Dachs Klassik knots come with various handles for your pleasure.  This Multiwood model denotes the manmade wood-and-paper-shavings affair, but you can opt for solid metal or a variety of natural woods.

A Manifesto All About the Klassik Knot

The “Rein Dachs Klassik”  knot is a stiffer, springier type of hair and knot design, set slightly deeper within the handle and with a shorter loft than the classically-formed 3-band “Silberspitz” designation.

While we can’t speak for all of them, these particular Germans don’t even refer to this stuff as “2-band silvertip”, because, ahem, they staunchly and declaratively decree there’s no such animal, at least not in the terms under which they evaluate the tips of their “real” (3-band) silvertip hair stock.

They imported a couple kilos of this stuff at our request (because we believed in the US market’s infatuated with high-stability knots without scratchy tips); we sent images of competing styles from famed brands, they replied they were aware of hair with larger dark zones but didn’t believe it physically possible for hairs to have dark bands as long as we’d shown and that the hairs were thus altered with dye (while surely most are dyed, dark bands >3cm in nature must exist somewhere, one would think), they showed us what they believed was the best hair of this type according to the hair exporter they trust and have used for many decades, and we proceeded along with our purchase order – all this took place >8yrs ago now as this prolific run-on sentence is created, with a few hundred pieces sold since and zero complaints of shedding from this knot!

In cold German, our invoices refers to these merely as “badger, with black stripe”.    Ignoring for a moment the very real influence of demand on price, in terms of what is available on the animals themselves, the so-called “2-band” hairs were and are more common than “3-band silvertip” hairs.   They’re just not as firm and are more consistent in their thickness from base to tip, while the “2-band” hair has a certain spring and resilience intrinsic to the hair itself which allows more ‘backbone’ to any knot and more ‘flow-through’ due to the variance in their diameter from base to tip…when you can get a soft tip on a ‘2-band’ hair they truly are tough to beat, and that’s why Simpsons can command such a premium price for theirs.

These hairs are certainly pretty good, but they’re not Simpsons’ Manchurian level, we just can’t get them long enough for that.   They’re also not set in to the handle entirely by hand as Simpsons does on all their brushes; the weighing, gathering, filling, tying, and gluing of the knots is all 100% by hand for these Rein Dachs Klassiks, but thereafter the knot is set by machinery in to the handle.   Removing that last step by hand is a great reduction in overhead of labor, and it does tend to be true that 100%-set-by-hand knots 1) have a greater risk of shedding 2) can be flexed all the way to the knot/handle border without as much of a feeling of a “glue bump”.

What these Klassik knots remind me of are a sparser version of the now-long-deceased 2-band Simpsons ‘Best Badger’ knots.  They’ve a solid homogenization of softness and spring, scratch, or itch (however you like to denote a sense of scrubbing that’s bereft of any prickliness).   When we first carried Simpsons ~2009-2011 we were routinely receiving batches of the bread-and-butter ‘Best Badger’ hair that looked much the same as these “Klassik” hairs, at least in terms of the hair strands themselves if knot the German-vs-English knot canopy styling or handle setting.   White-tipped, a little white band nearest the animal’s body rising up from the knot/handle border, with a small minority even so nice as to be completely dark at the base and completely light at the top.

Time has evolved, if not the badgers themselves, and now Simpsons’ brushes with high grade tip softness and being long enough and with a wide enough dark bands to set those knots deep and completely hide the bottom white part of the knots are unimaginably expensive.  Those hairs are in a different class to this, no doubt, due to their length, to say nothing at all of that Simpsons deep and all-by-hand handle setting.

Nonetheless, while I’m proud to say that I’ve a sweet cache of ~2009-2011 “2-band Best Badger” Simpsons brushes  (which includes a Berkeley 46B, Classic CL1, Persian Jar PJ1, and Harvard H2) I won’t sell simply because they cannot readily be replaced, these humble ‘Rein Dachs Klassik’ knots are the closest thing to my personal Simpsons unofficial 2-band Best Badger ~2009-2010 stash that I’ve used since.    They have spring with scrub, without (for me) the prickly sensations I associate to less costly badger hair.    I don’t find them the equal to our house brand Silberspitz knots in terms of the tip quality.   However, I feel exactly the same way about my “2-Band Best Badger” Simpsons stock; I own far too many Simpson Best Badger brushes with notably softer tips than those “2-Band Best Badger”, and in fact I’d imagine from their hair exporter those particular ‘lucky’ Best Badger knots’ hairs would have been exported as silvertip hair if only they were longer, because they are plenty soft and white at their tips and uniformly thin/fine across their span.

Use of a brush is a complex thing, however, and the fact of the matter is these knots can lift up a hard soap and get under a harsh beard (for me) more easily than the $$$ knots can, and without providing a “this is a cheaper knot” subjective feeling.   That’s not to say a $$$ silvertip can’t also do that, it just isn’t it’s easiest task.   These knots don’t provide a “this is a luxury knot” feeling (for me) as the Simpsons Super Badger brushes and our house brand Rein Dachs Silberspitz both certainly do, and I make the exact same ‘criticism’ of those famed old Simpsons ’09-11 “2-Band Best Badger”.

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