Nippes 14 17cm 6.7″ ‘World Famous’ Classic Barber Shears Hair Scissors | Nickel Plated Carbon Steel | Weighs 65g | Made in Solingen Germany


Nippes 14 17cm 6.7″ ‘World Famous’ Classic Barber Shears Hair Scissors | Nickel Plated Carbon Steel | Made in Solingen Germany

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Nippes Solingen 14 is their classic large style barber shears, with a razor-type cutting edge profile (not serrated) over a slightly-vee-shaped hollow ground inner blade plane profile, for an exceedingly classic large German shear type scissor run.  This shear’s a drop forged carbon steel scissor with nickel plated finish; dry thoroughly after each use, store in a dry place, and lightly oil (no food oils!) for long term storage, but if you do all of this you can expect to use it for several years in a professional setting before needing sharpening.

Be aware that at sixty-five grams this is a larger and heavier scissor than many other Germans, so it is best for strong hands.  Exceedingly adept at dry cuts.

Expertly forged and ground in Solingen by German master grinders.

You will receive a new and unused piece; returns and exchange are not accepted of this item.   If you wish to abuse/employ the concept of ‘defect fraud’ to try-and-return shears until you find your favorite, you can find this exact model here, and if you use that link you’ll be helping us out!  At this shop, however, when it says “new”, you can be pretty darn sure you’re getting an unused scissor, not one sold-returned-and-sold-again (for being, wink wink ‘defective’), because it doesn’t make any sense for us to ‘come in hard’ on such a policy for any other reason (you’ll sell a lot more humoring defect-fraud-abusers, but we’d rather decline them the option than make more money in the end by encouraging their bad behavior).  These shears are exhaustively checked at their Solingen factory by extremely anal German engineers before dispatch to us.


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in

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