Osma Aftershave Splash Lotion 50ml Made in France



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This new-for-2017 ‘splash’ (= alcohol-based aftershaves, aka ‘lotions’) keeps the wholly tremendous Osma familial software odor in a more refreshing alcohol base for those hottest of days when you want to feel coolest at night.  Ironically, I can actually smell the Osma-software-signature sexiness a little better in the balm, …but the character of this stuff settling in is addictively light, like any top notch splash should make you feel, and here in Florida that has its own tremendous unequivocal appeal.

Contains an esteemed list of >97.5%-NATURAL ingredients, and is unequivocally made in France.

Try a snort if you’ve already fallen victim to the balm/beard oil/preshave oil’s profile; you’ll be hooked.

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You Wanna Sample, or the Whole Thing?

~4ml Sample (NO <$10 ORDERS!), ~50ml Glass Bottle USA ONLY