Osma Atoa ECOCERT Deodorant Balm Stick 100g | Orange and Lemon Scent | PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING | Made in France


Osma Atoa Deodorant Baume | Citron Orange | Made in France | EAN 3760033480923

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This is the best deodorant/anti-perspirant I’ve used in my fifty-one years of life!  While it does not apply with lightweight elegance of Zartgefühl deo balms, those are highly perishable, and don’t stop wetness.  This is durable and works both ways, wetness and odor!

Using this stick, I do NOT smell, and I do NOT sweat enough to wet a thin light shirt.  Bear in mind that you’re e-talking to someone that tried to do the Mira-dry thing (I’ve got an arrhythmia, so they turned me down) and resides in ultra hot/humid NE FL, so that’s what we call in the business “a tough grader”.  It isn’t as good as excellent aluminum based ‘flaky white stuff’ deodorant for stopping wetness, but it is very good.

A bit thick upon application, and not as bright a citrus top note as I’d wish.  But boy does it work, and you can travel with it and it won’t easily melt or get confiscated by those security-for-appearance’s-sake wankers at the airport queues united in their common low education and poorly-stamped non-existent passports.

Bravo, Osma team.  Take a bow.

It doesn’t even matter if we sell enough of this SKU in the time you can do it to make $, I’m just an irrational adorer of all things French, so that’s why we imported some of this along with the 100%-alum and software (preshave oil, aftershave balm) products well proven to turn a profit.  This is a balm-like stick that you push up like a popsicle.