Osma Recycled Glass Foot Pumice Stone | Made in France


Osma Recycled Glass Foot Pumice Stone | Made in France

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Made from recycled glass, the Osma Foot Stone is rubbed on your feet just before a shower, or during it. There’s a coarser side and a finer-grit side. Rub ‘across the grain’ of the heel and ball of the foot with the highly-useful rough side and in a few weeks be amazed at this thing’s capacities which heartily trump any pumice stone.

Pretty much gave up on on any real feeling in the skin on the ball, heel, and the critical bump just aside the smallest toe on my feet long, long ago. But even upon the first aggressive application, I detected a small presence of the sense of touch near the little toe; I’d be better off using a 16-grit lapping wheel for the heel of my poor feet if I’d expected immediate changes, but with months of use now I could honestly declare my feet hadn’t had as much sensation in decades. I sense touch inside my socks walking around, laying in bed,…a welcomed change.

Wears away much faster than a pumice stone-used daily/heavily between two people, ~5mos. use was the yield. It will ‘load up’, too if feet have things no soap’s moving along trapped within, so to restore aggression rub it against some concrete to get a clean, effective surface.

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