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Osma Roll On Deodorant | Made in France | 50ml | Orange Scent

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The Osma ‘BIO’ Roll-On Deodorant’s essentially the EU’s equivalent of our Yanks’ ‘organic’ denomination.

You can decree it certainly favorable to their formed alum stones because it work betters at the combined tasks of regulating wetness and inhibiting growth of odor.  It is also a more pleasant experience to use the thing, versus the stone’s wet-the-top-and-keep-rubbing-until-the-water-is-gone slower going.    Note, however, that each option holds the great advantage over the typical “flaky white stuff” in that they inhibit odor and to a far lesser degree wetness without just blocking/clogging the pores (and, further, they don’t stop the wetness nearly as well as the flaky white stuff, though these roll-ons are serviceable in that regard).   

This is a great elegant solution in less humid environs where stopping wetness on the skin is not a critical factor.

50ml Roll-on reservoir.

Made in France.


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