Rasoir Sabre France Gustave Lalune Mon Fier Destrier My Fine Steed 6GLMFD112-OLEST Ertan Suer French Straight Razor | Carbon Steel | 6/8 Size | Extra Full Hollow Ground | Spanish Point | Olivewood Handle | Forged and Ground in France OUT OF STOCK NO DELIVERY DATE


Drop forged and hollow ground in France.   The rarest and most special razor we’ve ever handled, in at least one opinion on Earth.

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Embrace this razor for what it is; flat as a funhouse mirror, straight as Lionel Hutz in port on R&R (before he left the service for law school), the latest breaking ball movement in the game.

You may have heard of this razor from someone.    Don’t know why all the great comments from the salty fellow who claimed to have binned this modern razor are gone but I can’t seem to get them back, and that’s a shame; that was some great content.   I suppose the fellow simply got tired of reading it.

Anyway, the elusive “My Fine Steed” (originally in any case) came from a batch of ‘blanks’ forged off old French dies for straight razors used >1900 <1950 and not shared since with other producers.   While possibly the original batches did indeed use forged (but not ground or hardened) steel from the 20th century, it is very likely that today what’s occurring is small batches of the same steel formulation are being forged, using these old dies until they don’t work anymore, from modern produced steel.  I believe, but can’t prove, that the current stock is from modern forging, and I believe this because of observing a subtle difference between the first batch we received 4yrs ago and all the others since, and it is something I’m not going to share with you the end user in this case for competitive reasons.    Suffice it to say that “the old grinder” that I endlessly name-drop told me that batch to batch may be specified the same, but there are tolerances within the formulation, who was heating up the cylinders and holding them for the forging…to hear him tell it, all that affects the razor you hold in your hand.   So it is, at the very least, a loving modern tribute to a thing that is no more.   It would be fair to say I find this to be the very most special straight razor we’ve ever bought and sold.

The ‘Steed’ is an asymmetrical die form, because old French grinders wanted their razors produced that way.   Ain’t that great?  It has all the typical flaws of production that vintage French style is known for, but it is also the most impossibly-thin and pliant cutting edge you’ll ever get to see.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in
Straight Razor Filters;

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