TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush Silberspitz 20x56mm Silvertip Walnut Handle Made in Germany


Rein Dachs Silberspitz Shaving Brush | Top Silvertip Badger Hair | Handmade in Germany by Company Devoted Exclusively to Brushmaking

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The Rein Dachs shaving brush is “Handmade in Germany” by a Bavarian company for over 100 years.   The Superior Shave is the sole US importer.  They’re offered in several hair types, with various handles available for each type of knot.  In all cases, weighing, gathering, forming, and gluing the knots is a handmade affair by skilled craftsmen who apprentice for three years in a dedicated school of brush making.

Silbspitz Premium Silvertip Shaving Brush

The Rein Dachs Silberspitz designation refers to the softest and longest silvertip badger hairs.  These 20x56mm knots are formed at the canopy to be as soft as is possible.  However, they are not ‘floppy’ like a competing English long-lofted silvertip favors.  This is due their classic bulb shaped knot roof.   There are no softer-tipped hairs in the marketplace, at any price – you can spend more to get longer hair strands (and thus larger knots, on larger-diameter more costly brushes with a larger sum of hair weight).   This Rein Dachs brush has its knot extend ~11mm to the handle, making the strands ~6.7cm, which is a pretty solid level of quality for silvertip (pinnacle “three-band” silvertip hair stock exceeds 7cm strand length).

The quality of softness in a Rein Dachs Silberspitz brush is truly the equal of any brush at any price.  Ask around!  They’ve been sold a long time; we’ve sold them since 2011, & have sold >1000 units.

Good Knot (20x56mm), But Not Great – And You Pay Accordingly

It is a damn good knot, though it would be awesome at 25mm or so.    These ~6.7cm hair strands’ tip quality is unequivocally superb.

Many Handle Options Available

The Rein Dachs Silberspitz knots come with various handles for your pleasure.  This ‘Nussbaumholz’ model denotes its buffed walnut handle with four flat facets and gold ringlet capping the knot.   They’ve produced this knot in many variations.

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