TSS Reine Borste Shaving Brush 19.5x51mm Boar Black Plastic Made in Germany


Reine Borste Boar Shaving Brush |  Scrubby 19.5x51mm Boar Bristle Knot | Untrimmed Ends | Hand Made in Germany by Expert Brushmakers

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The Rein Borste (or Rein Dachs w/ badgers) boar shaving brush is “Handmade in Germany” by a Bavarian company for over 100 years.   The Superior Shave is the sole US importer.  They’re offered in several hair types, with various handles available for each type of knot.  In all cases, weighing, gathering, forming, and gluing the knots is a handmade affair by skilled craftsmen who apprentice for three years in a dedicated school of brush making.

Reine Borste Scrubby Boar

This particular Reine Borste boar shaving brush model has a hollow hourglass handle with very stable ~19.5x51mm burst of boar.

19.5mm Bristle Knot of Highest Order

Small and stable boar knot with untrimmed ends.  Hand-assembled in Germany.

True Germans Gonna German

Ahh, the Germans – if you can’t love how anal they are, you need to travel more.   No need for ‘police lineup’ images due to the strict control of production of this boar shaving brush.  They’re remarkably consistent from specimen to specimen.

A European Union firm produces this handle (these folks don’t make handles, like Simpsons for example).


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