Theophile Berthon Silky Body Lotion | Rose Scent | 240ml 8.11 fl oz | Made in France


Theophile Berthon Silky Body Lotion | Rose Scent | 240ml 8.11 fl oz | Made in France

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The Silky Body Lotion from Théophile-Berthon is a water-based moisturizer just as one finds at CVSGreens or the local Bath & Body Works.  Here, however, you enjoy  superior ingredients, sophistication in fragrance, and an especially silky feel.  These assets are simply unmatched.  Only a truly specialized vendor can earnsa relationship with Theophile-Berthon.

Premium Oils, Originating in Provence

First off, this light, sensual silky body lotion from the heart of Provence incorporates sunflower/olive/sweet almond/aloe vera oils with extracts of shea butter, rize starch, and vitamin E.

Secondly, you know it is silky when an esteemed French producers bestow “Silky Body Lotion” to the name.  And we assure you – this lotion delivers!   This glide’s simply unmistakable.

Next, it coats well, for lasting moisture through the day.

Try the Dry Serum & Rich Balms, Too!

On the other hand, if you’d fancy a unique alternative which penetrates and leaves a ‘dry’ type of feel, check out Berthon’s body serum!   Conversely, the “Intense Body Balm” offers the most extreme richness.

98.9% Natural Silky Body Lotion [only Parfum]

98.9% ingredients of natural origin.  The sole man-made ingredient in the Silky Body Lotion is the fragrance oil, originating from peerless Grasse, FR.

100% Made in France.   240ml (~8oz) Pump Bottle.  Against animal testing.   

An original member of the Slow Cosmétique Charter, Berthon espouses the philosophy of ‘Smart, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Ethical Skincare’.  SLS, synthetic color, lyral, and BHT are forbidden.    Enjoy the Berthon silky body lotion as a daily companion.

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