Solingen Coffin Style Straight Razor Cases | 2 Sizes | 4 Colors | Made in Germany ¡CLOSEOUT SALE!


Made in the same Solingen factory for 90+ years.



I happen to have always loved these ‘Coffin’ Style Razor Cartons, made of stiff paper with a dimpled, leather-like texture, and which have been in continuous production much as you see them here for at least as far back as the time of that famous fatal ocean cruise liner – most of that time, by just one family business still in operation today!    Unfortunately, these things are crazy fragile / perishable, they’re worse than Zartgefuehl balm because at least I can just pack that in a wine fridge like sardines and it earns its keep nice and regular whenever in stock.   Get ’em while you can, they’re super cute!

There are two sizes, the regular and the ‘XL’.  The “XL” versions of the Solingen coffins can allow a razor + anti-rust sleeve + wax paper = into coffin!  It isn’t a speedy process, more rather like a careful fitting of a 36 arse into a pair of generously-cut 34s, but you absolutely CAN shoehorn your razor and the sleeve together inside this ample coffin with no ill effects to either, provided that you loosely encase the razor+sleeve in some wax paper so that your pretty little paper razor case doesn’t get soiled through the razor sleeve’s relentless capillary action towards all who will comply with its incessant will.

Many Solingen and occasionally elsewhere straight razor companies buy these as commissioned OEM versions to spiff up the delivery of their higher-end model str8s, and believe it or not they’re all still made in Solingen no matter which brand they say on them.   In this classic “SOLINGEN” signature text, they’re available in a navy blue, green, red, and a black that nearly borders its buddy, brown.

Believe it or not, these are actually a fragility / handling nightmare to store, but if you buy one from TSS while you still can you’ll get a crispy specimen.   The fact of the matter is, you wouldn’t know it to look at it, but this SKU in all its forms is the second hardest to import / perishability besides the 250g alum stones from France which we gave up on, when we had a retail shop with display case for all the 8 categories to be freely divided and yet in a sealed environment that wouldn’t get excessive light… I’ve just reduced all the #s by critically examining everything while wearing gloves, I’ll have to go dump a bunch of randoms of barely dinged (or whatever keeps it from being mint and its original high price) and lose my ass, again.    To stock these things you need cotton gloves, a dark humidor, extreme care for all corners in both unpacking shipments, picking and packing and shipping, wrapping each piece in wax paper while you wear gloves throughout…sheesh, it is absurd.    I quimp, I wish square footage per year was cheaper and I’m sure if I was 15mi. inland I could offer all this stuff, but at the now apparently cosmopolitan Beaches area good luck finding commercial real estate to let that could justify the overhead of this SKU’s sweaty dynamite nature.   But, it is cute and cool, and stubbornly produced right where the razors are produced.


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in

Black Regular, Blue Regular, Red Regular, Green Regular, Black XL, Blue XL, Red XL, Green XL