Théophile Berthon Gentle Face Scrub 75ml | Made in France


Théophile Berthon Gentle Face Scrub 75ml | Made in France

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Composed of a gentle foundation of finely ground plant-based particles enhanced with oil and glycerine for slip, Berthon’s Scrub remove impurities from your skin’s surface naturally via its soft exfoliation and purification that absorbs the excess sebum without irritating.

Macadamia oil is present in the base as an enrichment along with naturally-occurring glycerine content, but the business end comes primarily from particulates of apricot kernels and bamboo powder.  Use following their pump soap or a Zartgefühl ‘Detox’ bar, and finish up with a few drops of serum and the day cream.   As heavenly as those French fries on Macdougal street (and those things are absurd).

I’ve been a longtime user of Aapri, going back too far in time to be considered cool enough to use – this is worlds apart; superior emulsification, more uniform particle size, your face feels smoother afterwards without being roughed up, so easy to spread around where you want it.

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