Théophile Berthon 100% Natural Stain Removing Sommières Clay from France


Theophile Berthon Stain Removing Clay | Natural Cleaner from France

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Théophile Berthon‘s cleaning clay is the driest thing I’ve ever touched in my life.  Frankly, having something of a phobia/aversion to biting on a Bounty, for example, it freaks my &!_t out.

There’s nothing dry like this, no wonder it works so good to eat a stain.

I’ve been using it in the home since we got our shipment and am amazed, I need to make a video about this soon.   All you do is sprinkle this generously on your stain and let it sit awhile.   Vacuum up later, and you might have to do a second application on a really stubborn greasy thing depending upon the surface to which it is adhered.


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