TSS Rein Dachs Shaving Brush 20x51mm Black Badger Made in Germany


Rein Dachs Shaving Brush | Black Badger Hair | Handmade in Germany by Company Devoted Exclusively to Brushmaking

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The Rein Dachs Black Badger model has a little ~20x51mm knot that (among smaller brushes, anyway) is pretty ‘floppy’;  it isn’t as floppy and soft-tipped as the two VP Leonhardy models we have with seemingly-identical black hair, but is very similar in any case and appropriate for this kind of hair, prickly as it’ll be without that crucial-for-it flop.

The knots (hand-assembled in Germany) are machine-mated to the handles which are sourced “within the European Union” (quite likely the nearly-the-same-just-different-enough efforts supplied to other various EU shaving brush manufacturers).

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
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White, Blue, Black