TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush Silberspitz | ~29.5×56.1mm Premium Two 2 Band 2-Band Silvertip Knot | Barrel Shaped Acyrlic Handle | 100% Hand Made in Germany OUT OF STOCK NO DELIVERY DATE


TSS Rein Dachs Badger Shaving Brush Silberspitz 28x56mm Premium 2-Band Silvertip Knot | Barrel Shaped Acyrlic Handle | 100% Hand Made in Germany

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We’ll have a new and exciting true 2-band silvertip brush coming in (hopefully) July 2020…this knot’s hairs as you see do NOT have their very ~white tips chemically altered in any way, what you’re seeing IS their NATURAL color!  Additionally, they have a variance in the thickness from the tip to the base which is distinct from the 3-band silvertip style, which means any knot from any maker of these (due the bases of the strands taking up more space than the canopies)  excel at taking in and giving back the water, and so too the lather.   These are called “Manchurian Badger” by another very well known Unfortunately, this type of hair is expensive, and there’s very little of it…at least, that is true when the strands are very long (7-7.2cm here!) and not given bleach/etc. to make their tips as white as silvertips.

While there are many fine productions associated hereto, we do believe this is the finest modern production knot combining the premium two band hairs with an all hand setting from the European Union, and a Plabuel Makina-esque collaboration between them and the superior handle producers of a certain island ‘nation’ would be a dream team.   That’s not to say the handles we’ve chosen aren’t of merit, but just imagine a certain-island-nation-produced lathed resin handle on here, perhaps altering the hue of the resin stock accordingly and reinventing the font style to engrave German using their certain-island-nation style of engraving and pigmentation…I am a happy Makina owner since 20+ yrs myself, the best travel camera though heavy (a GS645 with clean bill of bellows health the next option if the Makina’s weight’s too much a burden, but you’ll get hooked on that 56x72mm transparency).

100% of the labor of this knot is done by expert hand; the gathering, weighing, filling, tying, glueing, and setting in to handle all 100% handmade in Germany.

The acrylic resin handle used here is also made in Germany.

This small German company which makes the Rein Dachs ‘brand’ of brushes does not themselves produce handles; they’re classical brushmakers in the tradition of Southern Germany.   So, they source handles from German specialists and from the greater EU on the less costly stuff.

We will offer this ultra-premium knot in a single offering of 23mm (hand-lathed olivewood handle), 24mm (black lathed handle as on another model we currently offer), 26mm (faux tortoise lathed handle, exactly as another few well German makers are using), and this 28mm diameter model (barrel-shaped acrylic handle, a larger version of a model we already use here); to produce a smaller offering they have to reduce the loft heights accordingly so that the ratio of the knot stays where they want it, and at any proper brush making factory this is not done by cutting off the length of the strands going in to the handle, but rather by boring the hole in to the handle deeper, and setting the knot further in to that hole.

They cannot get this kind of knot a whole centimeter further in to a handle (on the 23mm model) without the help of machine-setting and these are going to be 100% handmade offerings, so in the case of only the 23mm model, the canopy of the knot will be a little pointier (making a LOT of backbone, likely the kind of knot that must be “paint stroked”!), while the 24/26/28mm models will show more of the classic German bulb shape.   This is hard top class hand labor, so we can’t really go <23mm diameter with these hairs, and you should be suspicious of any brushes marketed as “2-Band” or “Manchurian” with tips as white as these from any maker if claimed as unaltered.

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